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Almondee Almond Butter (6 Pack)

Almond Butter

Enjoy the taste of our 100% pure California grown almond butter! We have no added salt, sugar or palm oil fillers. We believe the recipe for success is a perfectly toasted and dry roasted Almond. And that’s it! We blend it up and send it off to you!

Ingredients: Dry Roasted California Almonds

Box of 6 1lb Jars

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DIRECTIONS: As soon as you crack open a fresh jar of almond butter, stir all the separated oil into the nuts. The easiest way to do this is? Start by sticking a dinner knife into the jar, all the way down to the bottom, in a bunch of spots; that way the oil can work its way through to the bottom of the jar. Once it starts to get evenly distributed, stir it all together until everything is smooth and integrated. Refrigerate after opening.

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